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Herrera, "Permanent elimination of yield point phenomenon in AISI 30 stainless steel by skin-pass rolling," Journal of Materials Science, vol.
The permeability of the sample firstly increased with the increase in the applied elastic stress and then decreased after the yield point. The trend might be interpreted as follows.
With the increase in the model size, the plastic yield point was attained in advance, the limit stress of the plastic yield decreased, and the plastic deformability of material increased.
It can be observed that both [tau] and [mu] predicted by Herschel-Bulkley do not provide a satisfactory approximation of the experimental values, mainly in the low shear-rate region prior to the yield point. The viscosity in Herschel-Bulkley is approximated as a constant value before the yield point (while the actual viscosity is much lower), and its slope is discontinuous.
The increased time of zero-order approach may be due to the near zero slope of the stress-strain curve near the Yield point.
Yield points, represented by georeferenced bags, presented a low spatial dependency, because semi-variance did not increase significantly together with the distance among the pairs of points analyzed (Figure 2), resulting in 69% randomness among points (Table 3).
Drilling fluid properties including density, yield point, and viscosity are important factors which greatly affect the magnitude of surge and swab pressures generated during trip--in and trip--out operation respectively.
PETG socket specimens had tensile strengths occurring at the yield point. In contrast, Thermolyn Rigid and Orfitrans Stiff had tensile strengths occurring at the break point.
Neat PEEK shows a typical polymer yield point as compared to its composites, followed by a softening range, and a roughly straight sub domain up to 0.4 value of strain.
Through appropriate dimensioning of the sleeve, stresses up to the permissible upper yield point of the pipe to be repaired can be absorbed.
The post yield deformation capacities for unwrapped columns were very low and the failure occurred just after the yield point, indicating the lack of sustained resistance after the concrete core failed.
(i) AE commences shortly before the upper yield point and