yield advantage

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Yield advantage

The advantage gained by purchasing convertible securities instead of common stock, which equals the difference between the rates of return of the convertible security and the common shares.
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Yield Advantage

The yield of a publicly-traded company's convertible securities minus the yield on the dividends of its common stock. The yield advantage is important in determining whether it would be better to buy convertible securities or common stock, and whether it would be profitable to exercise the convertible option on the convertible securities.
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yield advantage

The additional current return from holding a convertible security as opposed to owning the stock into which the convertible can be exchanged.
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Table 3 Wheat Yield Advantages from Varietal Improvement Research Unirrigated Irrigated Input Yield Yield Yield Yield Category Treatments Index Advantage Index Advantage I V1F1W1 100.0 1.161 100.0 1.553 V5F1W1 116.1 155.3 II V1F5W1 128.2 1.154 108.9 1.509 V5F5W1 148.0 164.3 III V1F1W5 107.1 1.198 110.7 1.356 V5F1W5 128.3 150.0 IV V1F5W5 136.5 1.141 101.8 (1) 1.648 V5F5W5 155.7 167.8 Source: Tables 1 and 2.
Compared with corresponding sole crop, yield advantages have been recorded in many intercropping systems, including maize/soybean[10,6], sorghum/soybean[3].
(1993), Kilen (1990) and Kilen and Hartwig (1987) who also reported yield advantages of normal stem types over brachytics.
Speaking to the journalists on the occasion, member of Crop Life Pakistan's Biotech and Seed Committee, reiterated the unblemished safety record of biotech crops and the yield advantages that can be attained through this technology whilst providing data and case studies.
Maize-based intercropping systems are proven to have yield advantages over sole cropping by optimizing especially the use of light [8-10] which translates into yield for both crops.
Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil.), TreaTear LT films offer yield advantages over traditional 60 or 70 micron sealant films, as well as flexibility with overall lamination design.
According to Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) the US dollar is lacking yield advantages.
Year to year variation in climate seems to be of primary importance for yield advantages of transplants over direct-seeded maize.
The major questions underpinning the book concern how groups operate during the transition itself, and whether their actions in this phase yield advantages in the longer-term, particularly in terms of achieving policy aims during the incoming president's administration.
Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil), TreaTear films offer yield advantages over the traditional 60- or 70-gauge sealant films and source reduction benefits without compromise to rigidity or tactile properties," the company says.
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Technology improvements that provide yield advantages, lower energy utilisation and higher on-stream factors should always be the driver for innovation.