yield advantage

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Yield advantage

The advantage gained by purchasing convertible securities instead of common stock, which equals the difference between the rates of return of the convertible security and the common shares.

Yield Advantage

The yield of a publicly-traded company's convertible securities minus the yield on the dividends of its common stock. The yield advantage is important in determining whether it would be better to buy convertible securities or common stock, and whether it would be profitable to exercise the convertible option on the convertible securities.

yield advantage

The additional current return from holding a convertible security as opposed to owning the stock into which the convertible can be exchanged.
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TreaTear LT films offer yield advantages over traditional 60 or 70 micron sealant films, as well as flexibility with overall lamination design.
Nasdaq: CERE), an agricultural biotechnology company, announced today favorable results from its biotech corn evaluations in China, where a second year of field trials demonstrated significant yield advantages under normal and drought conditions.
According to Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) the US dollar is lacking yield advantages.
2 mil), TreaTear films offer yield advantages over the traditional 60- or 70-gauge sealant films and source reduction benefits without compromise to rigidity or tactile properties," the company says.
While the Y Series was making its way through the research pipeline and showing consistent yield advantages and agronomic strengths, we decided it was the ideal time to make the Y Series launch a really big deal in the months leading up to the 2009 planting season," Schafer explains.
Dr Hooper stressed that growers must continue to prioritise yield above all else in these wheats, pointing out that yield advantages could mean extra returns of pounds 20/ha at current new crop feed prices, for no extra input cost or risk.
RF energy and special susceptor additives can be used to yield advantages over microwave.
We are not talking about some horror crop, we are talking about genetically modified crops with yield advantages, which are cheaper and which use less herbicides.
To account for this problem, they estimated the yield advantages of new varieties in Colombia by estimating production functions of yield as a function of new varieties and other inputs.
The FS industry offers attractive cross selling opportunities as retailers can leverage their extensive customer information to yield advantages in the financial services domain.
Initial reports from more than 2,000 comparisons through the core areas in the South-Central Corn Belt indicate YieldGard VT Triple's performance is sustaining its overall yield advantages versus comparable competitive traits offerings.