year-end dividend

Year-end dividend

A special dividend declared at the end of a fiscal year that usually represents distribution of higher-than-expected company profits.
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Year-End Dividend

A final dividend declared toward the end a given fiscal year. A company announces a year-end dividend especially if revised estimates show a greater than expected profit; it waits until the end of the year to revise and attempt to verify these estimates before declaring the dividend. More broadly, it may refer to the last dividend declared in a year.
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year-end dividend

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The board doubled the year-end dividend from 2017 to assist with saving behaviors.
General American Investors Company Inc (NYSE:GAM) on Saturday revealed that the price at which its common stock share will be issued to stockholders who elected to receive additional shares in payment of the 2018 common stock year-end dividend and distribution will be USD30.155 per share.
TMC's board of directors resolved to pay 120 yen per share as the year-end dividend on common shares.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 13, 2016-General American Investors prices year-end dividend, distribution
The firm said it will pay a year-end dividend of 16 yen per share, bringing its annual dividend for the current year to 32 yen, up from 31 yen the previous year.
With no prospects in sight for rebooting its reactors in the absence of safety regulations, Kyushu Electric is considering refraining from year-end dividend payments as an option, the sources said.
ANA said it will pay a year-end dividend of 4 yen per share, up from 2 yen the previous year.
The company intends to pay an interim dividend of JPY5.00 per share and a year-end dividend of JPY5.00 per share, to give a total dividend of JPY10.00 per share for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2012 (fiscal 2012).
Dividends per Share of Common Stock Japanese Yen Fiscal 2011 Fiscal 2010 Interim dividend 0.0 0.0 Year-end dividend * 0.0 Total annual dividend * 0.0 * The amount of the year-end dividend for fiscal 2011 has yet to be determined.
Pasona, due to announce its earnings results for the business year on July 20, said it has not changed its plan to pay 1,000 yen in year-end dividend per share.
said Tuesday it will pay a year-end dividend of 2,400 yen per share for fiscal 2003, twice as much as it projected in January, due to the brisk mobile phone business.
As it did a year earlier, the company said it will skip a midterm dividend payment and pay a yet-to-be fixed year-end dividend for the year to March 31, 2004.