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V Srikanth was the one whoraised $500 million last month through sale of bonds to foreign investors in RIL's latest instance of fund-raising transaction; while on the other hand, it was AlokAgarwal who brought in far-reaching changes in the companyin the mid-90s, after he moved out of BankAm operations, most significant of which was raising a 100-year Yankee bond -a bond denominated in U.S.
We are seeing substantial demand from Yankee bond issuers and are well-positioned to capitalize on the significant growth that we expect to see in this space."
Yankee Bond: The Government of Pakistan has decided in principle to float $200 million Yankee bond at the international Bond market to further strengthen its liquidity position.
The city had a very successful Yankee bond issuance of $200 million in the U.S.
Global Banking News-April 24, 2017--Mizuho to increase role in Yankee bonds
Plus, there has been a lot of issuance in the United States of Yankee bonds, which can be attractive, both for yield and credit diversification reasons," he said.
He added that on March 15 Marconi met interest payments of pounds 50.7 million on its Yankee bonds.
It said it had already paid pounds 51m on its Yankee bonds and expects to pay pounds 56.5m on its Eurobonds in the next few days.
MATAHARI TO REPAY DEBTS IN YANKEE BONDS. PT Matahari Putra Prima (MMPA) hopes to be debt free by March 15 this year after repaying its last debt in yankee bonds valued at US$ 26 million.
The slowdown in net purchases reflected strong buying of newly issued Yankee bonds that was largely offset by net sales of outstanding foreign bonds.