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This method first divides an image to image patches, and then performs XOR operation on patches with chaotic windows.
Grouni, "A New Training Method For Solving The XOR Problem," 5th Int.
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Caption: Figure 3: Simulation of proposed method: (a) the original image, (b) 2D-SLMM, (c) 1st round XOR encrypted image, (d) 2nd round XOR encrypted image, and (e) decrypted image.
In [24], the design of presented full adder contains two foremost components, the three-input XOR gate and the three-input majority voter.
Table 1 shows the experimental results related to the XOR system designed by double-stage OKG.
Operations AVX2 intrinsic functions Load _mm256 loadu si256((m256i*)x) Store _mm256 storeu si256((m256i*)x,y) Set _mm256 set1 epi16(a) _mm256 set1 epi32(a) Bitwise AND _mm256 and si256(x,y) Bitwise OR _mm256 or si256(x,y) Bitwise XOR _mm256 xor si256(x,y) Shift left by r-bits _mm256 slli epi16(x,r) _mm256 slli epi32(x,r) Shift right by r-bits _mm256 srli epi16(x,r) _mm256 srli epi32(x,r) Rotation left by r-bits _mm256 or si256(_ mm256 slli epi16(x,r), _mm256 srli epi16(x,16-r)) _mm256 or si256(_ mm256 slli epi32(x,r), _mm256 srli epi32(x,32-r)) TABLE 3: Proposed Simeck family block cipher performance.
The generation phase is the same as that of (2, 2) RG-based VSS, while the recover method is to XOR two shares instead of stacking the shares to reveal the original secret image.
[C.sub.2]= mod (XOR([K.sub.2], [P.sub.2])+ XOR ([C.sub.i-1], XOR (i,n), 256 (6) [C.sub.i]= mod (XOR([K.sub.i], [P.sub.i])+ XOR ([C.sub.i-1], XOR (i,n), 256; i>1 (7)
The free application called Lumen by XOR allows Shopify merchants to automatically begin identifying attempts at account takeover simply by installing the app on their storefronts.
The combinational function used in the conventional A5/1 stream cipher makes use of the XOR, whereby the most significant bit (MSB) from each LFSR will be XOR-ed to produce the secret key.