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DNA sequence XOR operation was used to scramble the original pixel values.
In a third step, we combined all the six (or eight) individual cues generated in the previous step to generate all possible compound cues that could be constructed from six (or eight) cues, using both the AND and the XOR logical rule.
For the second example, a human designer came with a circuit that requires 4 AND gates, 1 OR gate, 2 XOR gates and 4 NOT gates.
Formerly SeaChange Broadcast, XOR Media carries over an installed base of over 300 top-tier customers; 12,000 channels on air; and 11PB of managed data.
Akamai SIRT's research showed that the bandwidth of DDoS attacks coming from the XOR DDoS botnet ranged from low, single-digit Gbps to 150+ Gbps -- an extremely large attack size.
The XOR can specifically bind to endothelial cells and cell-bound XOR has been reported to produce radicals, which are inaccessible to CuZn-superoxide dismutase thus, during ischemia, ATP is degenerated to xanthine and hypoxanthine, thereby increasing XOR substrate levels, which leads to increased superoxide production.
By having the PC XOR mask fixed at the highest position of the n-bit index, and XOR-ing it with the non-existing HR (0's throughout the HR content), the original one-dimensional PHT is then re-arranged as a two-dimensional PHT.
On the other hand, using XOR it is not possible to get any irrelevant information/change; however, some relevant information/change may be missed adversely affecting recall.
Big challenges come with the territory, which is where XOR comes in.
SeaChange Broadcast is becoming XOR Media, an independent technology company that will support existing SeaChange Broadcast customers and deliver transformative media storage and codecs solutions to the market.
Crocus' MLU XOR, called Match-In-Place™, implements ultra-secure compare and encryption functions, making smart cards, identity cards, SIM cards, and near-field communications (NFC) devices tamper-proof.
It's important to note that this sale is not a parting of ways between SeaChange and the new company XOR Media.