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1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the share being traded is a mutual fund. All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if an X or XD follows the abbreviation, this indicates that the share was a mutual fund.

2. A symbol appearing next to a stock indicating that the stock is being traded without its next dividend. This occurs when the company the stock represents declares that the next dividend is coming to the seller before he/she decides to sell it. A buyer purchasing such a stock begins to receive dividends the next time they are declared.


Used on the consolidated tape to indicate a stock that is trading ex-dividend: GY.XD 16.
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Feedinfo News Service] In May 2009, XDS announced that its bioassay method 4435 would be used commercially in Chile to screen mineral supplements, other feed additives, and food for export to the European Union with a view to help Chile meet all EU standards for the acceptable levels of dioxins in chicken, pork, beef and fish.
The XDS products exploit the multi-faceted abilities and high performance of the DM64x media processors to simultaneously run the Softier Linux OS while performing audio, video and communication processing.
Mimicking the function of a conventional limited slip differential but doing so without the costly and heavy mechanicals associated with existing systems, XDS works with the electronic stability programme to improve the car's performance in situations where traction is lost by braking the wheel that loses grip.
XDS Process Analytics[TM] for the dairy helps producers to optimize the use of valuable raw materials such as fat and protein in the production of a variety of dairy products, including quark, butter, powder, mozzarella and whey protein concentrate.
XDS Near-Infrared (NIR) analyzers offer rapid non-destructive measurement of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations.
It will also be fitted with electronic stability controls as well as SEAT's new XDS system which electronically mimics the function of a limited slip differential.
LINKOPING, Sweden -- Cross-enterprise sharing of images and information that is independent of radiology IT solution (RIS/PACS) and enabled by an XDS framework, has now become a reality for hospitals in Northern Ireland.
Standard spec includes DAB radio with iPod connectivity, cruise control, Bluetooth and XDS electronic differential lock.
The vehicle features the DCC adaptive chassis control, Dynamic Light Assist, Fatigue Detection, Park Assist, Park Pilot with visual display, Rear Assist and XDS electronic differential lock.
The result is that its grip is absolutely fantastic no matter what the road conditions and with its new XDS system which mimics an electronic differential lock, adds to the car's array of safety features.