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1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the share being traded is a mutual fund. All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if an X or XD follows the abbreviation, this indicates that the share was a mutual fund.

2. A symbol appearing next to a stock indicating that the stock is being traded without its next dividend. This occurs when the company the stock represents declares that the next dividend is coming to the seller before he/she decides to sell it. A buyer purchasing such a stock begins to receive dividends the next time they are declared.


Used on the consolidated tape to indicate a stock that is trading ex-dividend: GY.XD 16.
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2 Sub-Compact, and while I consider the Springfield XDS a subcompact pistol, I don't think the Mod.
Feedinfo News Service] XDS CALUX bioassay method 4435 not only measures DLCs in feed and food, but it is also validated by the US Environmental Protection Agency to be used for measuring emissions gas, dust, ashes and other cinders, soil sediment and other matrices.
As well as XDS, there's also ABS, brake assist, traction control, hill hold assist, low tyre pressure warning, head-thorax, front and side airbags and Isofix child seat anchoring points.
The XDS system is less intrusive than some other traction aids and allows the car to jink through curves in rewarding fashion.
The raised safety guard of the XDS protects forklifts from the dangers of the "drop-zone" when the overhead door is open and no trucks are present.
XDS exhibited two versions of their product: Stand-alone IP-STB connected to a standard TV via composite video or S-Video connections and an IP-STB built into a large screen display, creating a Network-Ready display.
Foss has introduced a new line of process analyzers featuring XDS near-infrared (NIR) technology for improved analytical performance, instrument matching and simplified method development.
BOC Edwards has added to its highly successful XDS range of dry vacuum scroll pumps with the launch of its largest pump yet.
According to Robert Clark, business manager at XDS, the effect of dioxins is cumulative.
The XDS Dry Pump eliminates potential contaminants by using no lubricants in the vacuum space.
The Ibiza also features ESP stability control and an XDS electronic differential lock.