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A gold coloured Rover registration X821 XBB was stolen from Kinder Avenue, Cowlersley.
According to the company, the Engenio 6498 controller and Engenio 6498 storage system integrate native InfiniBand connectivity with sixth-generation Engenio XBB architecture, high-performance Fibre Channel or high-capacity SATA disk drives and storage management software solutions, enabling lower acquisition and expansion costs while maintaining high flexibility.
Replay numbers are available by sending an SAE to The People Replay Lottery 27/01, PO Box 66, Blackburn XBB 16AX to arrive no later than January 30, 1996.
The IBM TotalStorage DS4800 4Gb/s Fibre Channel system is based on Engenio's new XBB architecture which is designed to offer extensive capabilities and functionality including support for operating systems and host types, configuration flexibility and replication services such as Snapshot, remote volume mirroring and volume copying.