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In most cases, the employment relationship would deem the employer to be vicariously liable for the employees' wrongful acts in instances where the wrongful act was committed, for example, during the employee's contracted hours, at the premises of the employer and was somehow related to the nature and field of his work.
The event consisted of three discussion panels dedicated to prevention and punishment of atrocity crimes in the light of international law, the responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts in a practical context, and Memoranda of Understanding in the light of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.
It is our true belief that each and every member of the community of nations has a duty to stand up against the US wrongful act and contempt for the rule of law in international relations; in particular, by refusing to give effect to irresponsible acts.
There is no requirement, he concluded, that wrongful acts triggering later injuries transpire during the coverage period.
For the 4th Circuit, Judge James Wynn noted that the district court acknowledged that the policy did not define "interrelated employment wrongful acts" but expressly defined "related employment wrongful acts" and that despite the policy's failure to define "interrelated," the district court found the term unambiguous when considered in the context of the policy.
In this case, the district court erred in concluding that (1) each Plaintiff's claim arose out of the same wrongful act, and (2) the meaning of "interrelated" was unambiguous and applied to the Plaintiffs' claims.<br />First, Plaintiffs' claims are neither based on nor arise out of the "same" "employment wrongful act." In its ordinary usage, "same" means "identical or equal; resembling in every relevant respect." In addition, "employment wrongful act" under the policy includes an "action involving termination of employment."<br />Applying these two definitions, there were three wrongful acts that served as the bases of Plaintiffs' lawsuit: the Town's termination of Hunter; its termination of Medlin; and its termination of Donathan.
Their recent continued attempts to paralyze the Board's and the Company's ability to operate follows a long-line of wrongful acts that are outlined in the Lawsuit.
The notice states: 'Your wrongful acts have exposed our client to public contempt, ridicule, unjust criticism and dislike and the publication thereof has injured and maligned the good name and reputation of our client.'
But again it doesn't exculpate them from such wrongful acts and the Malacanang investigation of the DOT-PTV-4/Bitag Media deal should lead to a conclusive ending,' he said.
Weinstein do not constitute an 'accident' or an 'offense.'" The insurer also stated that the policies in question contain exclusions for "intentional acts," "molestation, misconduct or abuse," "discrimination," "director's liability," and "business pursuits." In addition, New York public policy prohibits insurance coverage for intentional wrongful acts.
The magistrate told the court that the sentence and judgment will be ready on February 22 for their perusal.In her judgment, Ms Mochache said despite Sagar not being at the Central police station on the day of attack, all the wrongful acts that were done by Yakub and the other two slain girls were attributable to her.
"It further said, "That you have irresponsibly and maliciously made, printed and published the aforesaid statements to provoke sentiments against Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and her party, and to politically malign and victimise the Pakistan People's Party (PPP)."That in view of the above, our client is entitled to damages for mental torture, harassment, agony, and humiliation which she, the workers and supporters of PPP have suffered and are undergoing at present because of wrongful acts on your part individually and jointly," the notice read.