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Any way of arranging investments in a hierarchy according to return, risk, or any number of other metrics. For example, one may compare investments to each other to determine which are most likely to outperform, underperform, and perform the same as the market as a whole. Ranking systems may assign categories using letters (say A-E), numbers (1-5), or even with individual names.


Ranking is a method of assigning a value to an investment in relation to comparable investments by using a scale.

The scale might be a straightforward numerical (1 to 5) or alphabetical (A to E) system, or one that also uses stars, checks, or some other icon to convey the evaluation.

Research firms and individual analysts typically establish and publish their criteria -- though not their methodology -- for establishing their rankings.

These criteria, which also differ by investment type, may include quantitative information such as past earnings, price trends, and the issuing company's financial fundamentals, or more qualitative assessments, such as the state of the marketplace.

Ranking can be a useful tool in evaluating potential investments or in reviewing your current portfolio. Before depending on a ranking, though, you'll want to understand how it has been derived and how accurate the system for assigning the values has been over time.

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Also, it includes the two French players Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut, holders of the sixth place in the rankings, and finally Polish Marcin Matkowski and his partner, Serbian Nenad Zimonjic, seventh place in the world rankings.
Best 2010 performances 1st BMW Championship, 1st AT&T Pebble Beach Zach Johnson Age 34; Ryder Cups 1 (06) Record P4, W1, H1, L2 Singles W0, L1; Fourballs W1, L0; Foursomes W0, H1, L2 Ryder Cup form 1/2-1-0-0 Presidents Cup W4, L5, H0 World ranking 19 A member of the squad routed at the K Club in 2006 but he has played on two winning Presidents Cup sides as well.
I am 42nd in the world rankings having not played and I want to get back up those rankings again and the only way I can do that is by playing well.
But the hardest thing at the moment is moving up the world rankings.
Sponsorship of the World Ranking is part of The Coca-Cola Company's commitment to work with FIFA on innovative programs that generate additional interest in every international match played," said Gary P.
Meanwhile, in the top 20, Belgium (12th, up 3) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (15th, up 6) have reached their highest-ever position since the introduction of the FIFA world ranking.
The Pharaohs climb in the world rankings is due to the 2-1 victory over Zimbabwe in the Group G World Cup Qualifying match at the end of March.
He's got the world ranking, he's boxing in his home town.
Jim Furyk Age 38 Ryder Cups 5 (97-99-02-04-06) Record P20 W6 H2 L12 Singles W3 H1 L1 Ryder form 0-0-1-0-0-1-0-1-0-1/2-1/2- 0-0-0-1-1-0-0-1-0 World ranking 9 Unbeaten in Ryder Cup singles until going down to Paul Casey at the K Club, he is dismal in pairs events, with 11 defeats.
Age (33) World ranking (23) Ryder Cups (2) LATE run of top fives put him in position to be a captain's pick.
The fourth of this season's six world ranking tournaments is of acute importance to Stevens, who has slumped to 20th on the provisional world list having failed to survive his opening contest in the Grand Prix, UK Championship and Malta Cup.
6 seed, well above his world ranking of 11, in a draw which contains 32 seeds for the first time in a Grand Slam and juggles ranking and grass form in a bid to appease the critics.

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