Food and Agriculture Organization

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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

an international agency of the UNITED NATIONS, established in 1945. Its primary objective is to improve agricultural productivity and hence the nutritional standards of agrarian countries throughout the world. It achieves this objective through undertaking research on all aspects of farming, fishing and forestry, and by offering technical assistance to those countries that require it. In addition, the FAO continually surveys world agricultural conditions, collects and issues statistics on human nutritional requirements and statistics on farming, fishing, forestry and related topics.


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FAO, The State of Food Insecurity in the World: Monitoring Progress TOWARDS THE WORLD FOOD SUMMIT AND MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS 5-6 (2003).
Oxfam and Action Aid were of the view during the World Food Summit of Rome (2009) that to reduce the number of hungry is to target resources on small farming families that constitute one third of the world's population.
On Sunday, Minister Abdullateef Jamal Rasheed led an Iraqi delegation to the World Food Summit Conference, which will take place from Nov.
WHILE I agree with reader Alan that Robert Mugabe is a a megalomaniac, I have to disagree with his view that I should save my rage and disgust for whoever invited him to the UN world food summit in Rome.
At the world food summit in the Italian capital, Fukuda will be among dignitaries from about 190 countries giving speeches promoting cooperation on addressing the food security issue.
He said the US would be raising the issue at the United Nations Security Council, as well as seeking out a Zimbabwean representative at the world food summit in Rome to protest.
As delegates at the World Food Summit sit down to eat fricasse of panda in a lovely raspberry and rhubarb jus, spare a thought for the rest of the human race currently being shafted by the huge price hike on our grocery bill.
The report, entitled Hungry for Solutions, was released to mark the tenth anniversary of the World Food Summit, at which world leaders pledged to halve global starvation by 2015.
At the 1996 World Food Summit, reducing hunger and food insecurity was declared an essential part of the international development agenda and the international community has identified the reduction of poverty and hunger as one of the overarching goals for development policy in the new millennium.
The SPFS was begun in 1994 and endorsed at the 1996 World Food Summit, where delegates called for a halving of the number of malnourished people in the world by the year 2015, The program aims to improve nations' food security through rapid increases in food production and productivity, by reducing year-to-year variability in food production, and by improving people's access to food.
Don't get me wrong--industry has an important part to play in this health debate, as leading brands at the CIES World Food Summit in Rome admitted (p31).
The document is a summary of world trends since the organization and the entire world met in 1996 at the World Food Summit in Rome.
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