Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

(pronounced as a word) A federal agency within the Department of Labor, OSHA (www.osha.gov) performs workplace inspections, engages in education and partnership to improve workplace safety, and enforces compliance with workplace safety standards.It is a common misperception that OSHA has the right to conduct surprise inspections of the workplace, including construction sites. In reality, OSHA may inspect only what it is given permission to inspect,or the particular portion of the premises described with particularity in a search warrant.

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The objective of The Workplace Safety and Health Act is to protect workers, self-employed people and others from risks to their safety, health and welfare related to activities in their workplaces.
SHARPs are awarded to recognise projects or worksites that have superb safety and health performance and workplace safety and health management systems.
In developed countries, where decades of occupational safety programs focused on prevention have dramatically reduced workplace injuries, advances in technology, shifting demographics and a growing immigrant workforce are presenting new challenges for workplace safety and health.
Belaid Rettab, Senior Director, Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber, said that workplace safety and health bring multiple benefits not only to employees, but also to the business.
Besides offering a unique forum for the international sharing of scientific research, technical information and best safety and health practices, the 2005 World Congress will provide an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous strides that have been made around the world in workplace safety and health.
A Nautilus manufacturing facility that produces high-quality fitness equipment here was honored today as one of only three companies throughout Oklahoma to earn a certificate for its excellent record in workplace safety and health.
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