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Wall Street is about as close as it has ever been to being full of working stiffs.
For all the questionable utility of some programs of study in both high school and institutes of "higher learning," it seems there is room for programs with the explicit objective of teaching our youth the basics of survival in the world of working stiffs.
Ira Aronin: "Unions can be corrupt like any organization, but the increasing gap between the very wealthy and the working stiffs can be tied directly to union busting and the decline of unionized labor in this country.
My friends' dogs were nondescript working stiffs with foxy muzzles and pointy ears.
They're a couple of working stiffs who live near Reno, Nev.
The lucky septet all work at Gold Star Auto Repair Shop in Queens, including the behind-the-counter sales staff and working stiffs fixing cars.
com bubble, when a ballooning stock market inflated CEO compensation to 411 times that of working stiffs.
Abramson and her type do not much care what working stiffs think of them.
In John 13 Jesus teaches his disciples--married working stiffs all--to get up from the table, put on an apron, and do some serious domestic labor.
America is increasingly looking like imperial Britain, with dynastic ties proliferating, social circles interlocking, mechanisms of social exclusion strengthening, and a gap widening between the people who make decisions and shape the culture and the vast majority of working stiffs.
If that dream technology were real, CosmoD would have jumper-cabled up a vast crew of working stiffs.