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The WordPress installation guide boasts a "Famous 5 Minute Installation" (codex.
He recommended those running WordPress take these immediate steps:
This includes a deep server-side scan of source code, comparing it to the official WordPress repository for core, themes and plugins.
The software is the same for both of these versions, and it's as easy to post entries or articles on your WordPress blog as it is to write and save Word documents.
During the initial days of the WordPress attack, 6Scan- protected websites saw a surge of 40% in malicious requests, reported Miron, who added that not a single 6Scan customer website was breached.
Matt Wullenberg of WordPress had this to say about the attack:
Matt Mullenweg, a WordPress founder, explained in his blog that hackers had been targeting users who never changed the "admin" username for their account - in retrospect, an obvious security risk.
There is a misconception about WordPress among both web companies and clients.
23 -- "There is an increase in malware infections within WordPress sites, an open-source application frequently used by bloggers and self-publishers, due to a vulnerability in a popular image plugin and loose credential management," say Researchers at the AVAST Virus Labs in Prague.
The second updated edition of Wordpress in Depth offers a fine guide to the latest WordPress 3.
WordPress is quickly becoming one of the most popular website platforms out there, running on an estimated 12% of all websites in the world.