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Children playing on the wooden log train; Laura Henderson and Terry Smith, both aged four, disconsolately face up to life after the playground theft; Picture, SIMON HADLEY
'The wooden log cabins we've seen in the skiing resort of Whistler are wonderful.'
UK managing director Goran Nilsson performed Ikea's traditional opening ceremony of sawing a wooden log, symbolising Ikea's Scandanavian principles of quality and functionality.
Raju is seen chained to a wooden log on a thatched roof at Banetha village.
The police also found a knife and a wooden log, both of which had stains of victim's blood."
Sharjah A 25-year-old worker succumbed to work-related injuries yesterday after a wooden log fell on his head while he was working at a construction site in Al Gafiah area.
Following this, the three older girls began to beat up the victim, and subsequently, inserted a wooden log into her vaginal area.
Police also found the weapons used to commit the murder -- a knife and a wooden log, both stained with the victim's blood," the CID official said.
It's not unusual for the New York-based jeweller to throw a bone or a wooden log into his collection either.
I pushed him away, but he came back after a few minutes with a wooden log and attacked me on my shoulder, which broke my collar bone.
However, the main attraction of the festival takes place when young men fight for the possession of a huge wooden log, a fight which is characterized by smearing of mud on all the participants.