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This could be surface-relief printing as in woodcut or lithography--or intaglio methods in which the ink is drawn onto the paper from thin grooves on a metal matrix.
My woodcuts have now become more painterly as well.
This connection becomes even more interesting when we consider that there is undoubtedly an iconographical link here, as there are some striking similarities between the woodcuts that illustrate the Melusyne fragments and the images of Husz's edition.
Thus, Walker features not only the previously mentioned text, but also a written addendum, providing context and additional insight into the woodcuts. These brief components flesh out the biography nicely, though as Tom Smart, author and curator of the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives, writes, "Trudeau grasped the potential of emblematic actions and attitudes," making the star of this biography Trudeau himself.
Like Ishii, Lu promoted "creative woodcuts" against "reproductive woodcuts": this distinction was in 1929 and then further developed in another preface written in 1933 for [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Methods of Creating Woodcuts), one of the first how-to books published during the "Chinese New Woodcut Movement." Lu explained that for "prints used for reproduction ...
THE woodcuts were sold at the Sotheby's London Sale of Old Master, Modern & Contemporary Prints on Wednesday for pounds 361,250.
Beginning by locating Bloomsbury interest in woodcuts in the contemporary context of Post-Impressionism, Harvey interprets Fry's aesthetics of illustration to provide a theoretical context for balancing semantic, visual, and physical elements.
Sharp and demotic, with texts, prayers and indulgences that promised time off in purgatory as well as the visual power of often luridly hand-coloured woodcuts, it is not too fanciful to see their impact as a 15th-century version of Twitter.
An Alan Figgs woodcut of West Wales Sheila Clarke takes almost unnoticed moments of life - a car wash or kids in the snow - and lifts them into something special in her reduction woodcuts.
The newest title in this series was released in May, by Toronto woodcut artist Megan Speers.
ISLAMABAD, June 10 -- A three-day workshop on woodcut printmaking for students and art lovers started Wednesday at National Art Gallery (NAG) under the supervision of eminent Lahore-based printmaker and painter Mehboob Ali.
Two examples are the 1633-35 woodcuts of The Infant Christ and Saint John with the Lamb and Hercules Triumphant over Discord, which capture Rubens' dynamic style.