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The championing of "creative print" became a strategic reorientation for young Chinese woodcut artists such as Qingzhen Luo ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and Shaoqi Lai ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) to keep a critical distance from the existing order of commercial art and establish their own space in visual production.
Ali, the only artist who devoted his entire career to woodcut - an ancient technique of printmaking, taught the students different dimensions and techniques used in this art.
We looked at the individual elements of the brand identity to identify its key components, and having established the Wall's logo, the woodcut landscape and the traditional brown paper as the main reference points, it was possible to develop a brand architecture that translates from the core sausage range onto the savoury pastry range," says Kellie Chapple, managing director--Ziggurat Brands.
The Baroque Woodcut may be seen as a sequel, exhibiting almost eighty prints from the flourishing period of this medium between 1580 and 1650.
It would be entirely understandable if the African creator of La Bouche du Roi had produced a work to hammer home the message of the Brookes woodcut for a modern western audience, thereby adding to its inherited sense of guilt.
Woodcut illustrations are now regarded as somewhat quaint and charming but in their heyday, before the Victorian introduction of steel engravings, they were the only way of distributing visual images in cheap books.
Instead of sentences and paragraphs, however, they use a sequence of images (typically executed in a woodcut or wood-engraving technique).
An elegant handbook of hagiography, the Mornins' compendium allies a brief biography of 137 saints with sculpture, painting and fresco, marble and stone relief, stained glass, woodcut, plaster, prayer card, and mosaic images rich in symbol and period detail.
Pictured right, Torbreck Woodcut ter s Shir az 2004 (Australia) pounds 14.
This monumental catalogue is worthy of the great exhibition it commemorates--the most extensive early woodcut display ever held, to be seen in Nuremberg and Washington.
Though born into the goldsmith trade on his father's side of the family, Durer also apprenticed with painter and woodcut illustrator Michael Wolgemut, who introduced him to commercial bookmaking.