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When Issued

Referring to a conditional offer for a new security, subject to the security actually being issued. Before a new issue, underwriters canvass potential investors, who may or may not book an order to buy a portion the new issue. Orders made are said to be effective "when issued" because they may not be completed, especially if the offering is cancelled. Less formally, orders when issued are referred to as orders "with ice" or orders "when distributed."
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Used on the consolidated tape to indicate the transaction of a security on a when-issued basis: GMPrE wi 10s47 1/2 .


Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate securities traded on a when-issued basis: BltGE wi.
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The <B Anglesey village is where the very first Women's Institute in Britain was founded
Volunteer members of the Chalfont, St Giles Women's Institute running a stall, open to all comers, where women take surplus produce for housewives without gardens to buy, in July 1949
At the 24 February 1916 meeting, "the President offered the use of the Rest Room in the evenings to the Soldier Boys as a place to read, play games and enjoy themselves and to be under the supervision of the Red Cross." In Manitoba, Rest Rooms were initiated, supported and run by members of the Women's Institute as a place where farm women (and their children) who came into town could rest, have refreshment, read, and visit.
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With our program partner in Trinidad and Tobago, the Women's Institute for Alternative Development (WINAD), Project Ploughshares co-hosted an international workshop, which assembled close to 50 government officials, civil society representatives, and parliamentarians from across the Caribbean to review the impact of small arms on the region and to explore a regional response.
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