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When Issued

Referring to a conditional offer for a new security, subject to the security actually being issued. Before a new issue, underwriters canvass potential investors, who may or may not book an order to buy a portion the new issue. Orders made are said to be effective "when issued" because they may not be completed, especially if the offering is cancelled. Less formally, orders when issued are referred to as orders "with ice" or orders "when distributed."


Used on the consolidated tape to indicate the transaction of a security on a when-issued basis: GMPrE wi 10s47 1/2 .


Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate securities traded on a when-issued basis: BltGE wi.
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The <B Anglesey village is where the very first Women's Institute in Britain was founded
WI members were also responsible for the first nude charity calendar when Tricia Stewart, Angela Baker, Beryl Bamforth, Lynda Logan, Chris Clancy and Ros Fawcett from Rylstone Women's Institute shed their clothes to help raise money for a sofa at the local hospital, after Baker's husband John was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Janice Langley, head of the National Federation of Women's institutes, said: "I'm absolutely thrilled so many women are joining, but it is thanks to shows like the Great British Bake Off.
Two of the fonds are for WI administrative bodies: Southwest A Region (1956-1989) (2) and Manitoba Women's Institute collection (circa 1935 to 1980s).
Mr Welsh described her as a well-educated woman, who was involved in the Women's Institute and other local groups.
We provide not only financial services that speed the flow of commerce and add convenience for individuals, but we also offer the extra help necessary to support Latina organizations and businesses such as The National Latina Business Women Association (Los Angeles Chapter) and the Women's Institute of Negotiation.
The federation of Women's Institutes have trademarked the name WI Foods for a wide range of foods, beers and non-alcoholic drinks.
Small Arms Proliferation and Misuse: Toward a Caribbean Plan of Action (Ploughshares Working Paper 08-1), a joint publication of the Women's Institute for Alternative Development and Project Ploughshares (35 pages), published December 2008.
VANDALS aged nine wrecked a Women's Institute tea party as they flooded a village hall and trashed members' cars.
The Great Milk Debate campaign organised by Women's Institute members across the country, with participation from a number of farming organisations, highlighted consumer concern about the loss of our dairy industry.
Pop star Mel C has missed out on the chance to spice things up at her local Women's Institute.
Her nonprofit Women's Institute for Financial Education (www.

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