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7 per cent annual return on its main with profits fund.
It said the FTSE All Share and FTSE 100 indices had fallen by about 22 per cent during the first nine months of the year, while the value of its with profits fund had dropped by 13 per cent.
The boost follows a bumper investment return of 20 per cent at Pru's mammoth pounds 83billion with profits fund in 2005.
Q IF I'm told my with profits fund is closed to new business what does that mean?
With Standard Life, for example (consistently one of the cheapest chargers), its non-stakeholder With Profits One fund was cheaper than its Stakeholder With Profits Fund - for pounds 100 a month the charges on the One fund came to pounds 17, 543 compared with pounds 31,399 on its Stakeholder fund.
Friends Provident will cut final bonuses for long-term savers after the value of its with profits fund slid more than seven per cent in the first half.
Norwich Union has launched a new unique inflation protected guarantee on its With Profits Fund available to lump sum investors on its Portfolio Bond.
Last year, L&G's with profits fund achieved an investment return of 11.
Prudential, for instance, has announced a 20 per cent annual return on its with profits fund, and an 18 per cent rise in payout values in an investment performance which it boasts is "head and shoulders" above rivals.
The With Profits Fund produced a gross investment return of 10.
The bond invests in the Liverpool Victoria With Profits Fund, which in the past has topped with profits investment tables.
Our past performance shows us to be a market leader for certain savings and investment products investing in our with profits fund over the medium to long term.