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When Issued

Referring to a conditional offer for a new security, subject to the security actually being issued. Before a new issue, underwriters canvass potential investors, who may or may not book an order to buy a portion the new issue. Orders made are said to be effective "when issued" because they may not be completed, especially if the offering is cancelled. Less formally, orders when issued are referred to as orders "with ice" or orders "when distributed."


Used on the consolidated tape to indicate the transaction of a security on a when-issued basis: GMPrE wi 10s47 1/2 .


Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate securities traded on a when-issued basis: BltGE wi.
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While "stationed" in Wisconsin, his memberships included the Wisconsin Advisory Council for Vocational Agriculture Education, the Rock County Agriculture Workers Association, Rock County Horticulture Council, the Rock County Fair Board, and the Rock County Environmental Association.
In this case, those other factors, taken as a whole, do not establish that the Wisconsin house was the principal residence.
Reichert, CPA, CIA, professor of accounting at the University of Wisconsin, Superior.
Although we do not know how the free-ranging deer population of Wisconsin became affected by CWD, the most commonly suggested hypothesis is that CWD in Wisconsin may have emerged through importing of an affected cervid.
Our vision, the Central Wisconsin Idea, emphasizes the cultural, social, and economic power of UWSP in a predominantly rural portion of our state.
In early April 2002, Byron Caughey, who directed the European Molecular Biology Organization research, told a Wisconsin newspaper that while the risk of people contracting infection from a Chronic Wasting Disease deer is probably low, "it's not a risk I'd want to take.
The ACR now becomes CN's sixth operating division known as the Wisconsin Central division.
The Wisconsin majority justices conceded that the MPCP allowed public funds to flow into the bank accounts of religious schools, but they nevertheless ruled that the program passed constitutional muster.
And some Wisconsin residents just won't share the northwoods with wolves, as recent shootings indicate.
Assume there are two separate Wisconsin corporate taxpayers, A & B.

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