wire transfer

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Wire transfer

Electronic transfer of funds; usually involves large dollar payments.

Wire Transfer

The direct, electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another. Wire transfer is instantaneous and is a fairly common way to send funds to another party very quickly. However, wire transfers sometimes have higher fees than, say, writing checks. Outside North America, wire transfers are sometimes known as telegraph transfers.

wire transfer

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Global Banking News-September 23, 2015--BofA files patent for cryptocurrency wire transfer system
Once the target emails have been identified, they hone in on them and monitor all of the emails between the parties, essentially eavesdropping as details of the bank accounts and wire transfers are discussed.
AEIS), $750,000 for failing to have reasonable supervisory systems in place to monitor wire transfer requests and the transmittal of customer funds to third-party accounts.
Joint Study by The Clearing House and the Federal Reserve Banks Provides New Corporate Insights and Opportunities for Participants to Improve the Wire Transfer Process
In 2005, wire transfers were the most common method of payment used by victims of Internet scams.
If a new client opened an account and didn't care much about how their assets were allocated or had a lot of wire transfers, he'd grow suspicious.
Farah says his wire transfer business, Barakat, has no relationship to Al-Barakaat.
In the treasury management department, we require all wire transfers to be initiated from this system.
Mortgage lenders deliver loan settlement funds, as well as loan, commitment and other fees through wire transfers as part of the near-$2 trillion that are wire transferred almost every day.
WIRE TRANSFER RECORDKEEPING The design of recordkeeping requirements for wire transfers is a very complex and technic undertaking.
In a bid to give more importance to online transactions, Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) has announced that it is planning to eliminate wire transfers from branches.
LOS ANGELES, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Washington Mutual promotes free outgoing wire transfers to LA's Latino community at Fiesta Broadway.