wire transfer

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Wire transfer

Electronic transfer of funds; usually involves large dollar payments.

Wire Transfer

The direct, electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another. Wire transfer is instantaneous and is a fairly common way to send funds to another party very quickly. However, wire transfers sometimes have higher fees than, say, writing checks. Outside North America, wire transfers are sometimes known as telegraph transfers.

wire transfer

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There are numerous other wire transfers contained in the case file.
The Ministry of Finance is drafting amendments to the wire transfer law so that the Public Revenue Office (RPO) can also have access to all the money that citizens receive from their family and friends abroad.
Global Banking News-September 23, 2015--BofA files patent for cryptocurrency wire transfer system
FINRA found that Morgan Stanley failed to implement reasonable supervisory systems and procedures to review and monitor transmittals of customer funds through wire transfers from multiple customer accounts to the same third-party accounts and outside entities.
Once the target emails have been identified, they hone in on them and monitor all of the emails between the parties, essentially eavesdropping as details of the bank accounts and wire transfers are discussed.
Further, the software allows institutions that offer international wire transfers to hold the transactions, per new consumer protection regulations.
AEIS), $750,000 for failing to have reasonable supervisory systems in place to monitor wire transfer requests and the transmittal of customer funds to third-party accounts.
UFP claimed to have done business with Hechinger on an "I ship, you pay" basis, despite UFP's credit terms, because Hechinger's wire transfers to UFP were made simultaneously with UFP's shipments to Hechinger.
Foreign workers abroad send home an estimated US$180 billion in the form of remittances--cash wire transfers sent home.
For example, 2005 marked the first time that wire transfers were the predominant way scammers collected money.
ARIZONA LAWMAKERS worried about illegal immigration have paired an old idea, an anti-immigrant wall, with a new one: a state tax on bank wire transfers to and from other countries.
Though written to catch suspicious transactions like large cash deposits or unusual wire transfers from foreign sources, experts say that fear of noncompliance with the regulations has scared some in the financial community into filing Suspicious Activity Reports at even minor discrepancies.