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Section three presents 'A Windshield Survey' of historical archaeology, providing ten case studies from around the world.
A handy technique is to do a modified version of what sociologists call a "windshield survey." If you do a windshield survey of a school, you drive around the perimeter of the school and observe.
Fisch recommends a "windshield survey" to provide residents with a sense of the community's social capital, resources, and unique characteristics, such as safety issues, types of schools, and public transportation.
I make a point of driving through the parking lot about every two weeks for an unscientific windshield survey of license plates--and I've never seen less than 20 states represented.
The wine and table grape segments were by expert estimates commonly known as the "windshield survey."
Data regarding vacant housing units from the 2010 Census confirm what windshield surveys of these popular tourist destinations indicate.