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Short for Not To Exceed.

National Trade Estimates Report

An annual report by the United States Trade Representative discussing the best export markets for the U.S. It includes information like market size and trade barriers that exporters may face.

Not to Exceed

An estimate of the cost of a project that a potential contractor gives to the firm negotiating a contract. An NTE includes additional funds that might be needed in case something goes wrong. It is important to note than an NTE assumes that the scope of the project does not change; it may be revised if this occurs.
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Soporta Windows XP Embedded, XP Professional, Windows 2000 y administracion del sistema WfM 1.
Since the fall of 2004, the company's product roadmap has moved it from Linux-based product offerings into Windows CE solutions and now onto the Windows XP Embedded platform.
eTrust Antivirus for Windows XP Embedded, available as a Software Development Kit, gives device designers, manufacturers, and integrators protection against viruses and a variety of other network-based threats, claims the company.
0 for Windows XP Embedded will be available to OEM vendors, financial institutions, major retailers and other end-user customers deploying Windows XP Embedded devices, by September 30, 2004.
Sygate's Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded is an example of the innovative value-add that our industry partners bring to the Windows Embedded platform," said Todd Brix, group product manager, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft Corp.
The product, mentioned periodically during the case, is Windows XP Embedded.
s Windows XP Embedded as he foundation for multipurpose store systems chainwide.
Windows XP Embedded, the successor to Windows NT 4.
IGEL Universal Desktops powered by Microsoft Windows XP Embedded now have additional Ericom features included as standard.
IGEL Universal Desktops, powered by Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, include DSV as standard, incorporating a RES PowerFuse Workspace Extender client so that local digital services can be 'reverse-published' to a virtual PC.
Customers can choose Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE5.
Power Panel 300 devices can be delivered with the Windows XP embedded and Windows CE operating systems, covering the entire range of PC systems--from simple thin clients and web terminals to full SCADA systems.