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Alan Moores, Scott Graham and Derek and Gordon Brown performed a saucy shop window strip. The bold boys volunteered to get down to their birthdays suits for a special promotion at John Menzies' High Street store.
The model features an exclusive Carrara White paint shade and is fitted with 19-inch Cayenne Design II wheels, centre and side air intake grilles, a rear spoiler lip, and the side window strip and lower tailgate strip are painted in Platinum Silver.
The unit can end strip or window strip film insulated magnet wire from 11-28 AWG and can also be used to end strip extruded wires from 8-38 AWG.
An unusual touch is the dark-tinted plastic panel incorporated below the rear spoiler which serves as an extra window strip.
Good marks, too, for the clarity of the dials and the extra lower rear window strip which solves mirror visibility problems which would have been caused by the high spoiler.
3 m 2 , 18 pieces window strip, Multipiece approximately 12 m 2 , 3 pieces roof windows in several parts approx.
Planes are perforated by a thin window strip (turning the outside corner of the kitchen), cut away by double-height stretches of glass panels and pierced by a linking bridge or projecting balcony.
base plate (2 pcs), outer door sheet steel (6 pcs.) demolition of suspended ceilings (about 1,650 m 2 ), demolition of masonry walls (about 1,100 m 2 ), demolition doors wood / steel sheet / tubular frame (about 75 pcs.), demolition window strip (about 45 m 2 ), demolition ramming natural stone slabs (about 820 m 2 ), demolition drywall (about 300 m 2 ) pollutant removal kmf-pads incl.
3 m2, 18 pieces window strip in several parts approximately 12 m2, 3 pieces roof windows in several parts approx.
Approximately relieve 104 m of room-side surfaces of frame profiles from window strip, Expose to initial setting, Kink and retouch flaws.
Demolition windows of different dimensions, 5.00 pieces of demolished window strip approx.