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Cooperative or collaborative literacy practices: Mapping metadiscourse in a business students' wiki group project.
An example of a global collaborative STEM project involving the use of blogs and wikis is the Edible Bridge Project (EBP).
In an attempt to find a solution for the customer's problem, meetings were held in order to understand the project mechanisms, MLL, the company's characteristics, develop the wiki pages with managers, directors and all the 29 employees.
In this study, the problem-solving task required learners to be responsible for their learning as they search for information and post solutions on the wiki. Support was provided in the content and reference learning materials and tools; support came from peers and the instructor.
This implies that role of wiki in education is becoming more important and is being realized by the researchers in this field.
Two questions guided this study: (a) What type of interactions does the use of the wiki generate among foreign language learners?
My favorite two things about the entire Wikimania event were the wide-ranging, proactive, and inclusive multiculturalism of the entire Wiki ecosystem and the way every person had a project and was excited about it.
The dynamic that Wiki and Hak manifest in Ratking is a fitting parallel to their real-life relationship.
This study used a randomized control trial, where students were randomly allocated in their tutorial groups to either an undirected Wiki activity (control, n=4), or an intervention group (n=4) where students were directed to use a Wiki to collaboratively create a glossary of health-related terms.
Throughout January, 198 people were killed in political clashes, 29 in militarycampaigns conducted in an effort to combat terrorism, 28 as a result of terroristoperations (including 22 security officials), 5 due to excessive use of force bysecurity officials, and 4 inside detention facilities, according to Wiki Thawra.
The wiki can easily be edited by any user, broadening your access to the latest and best research and ideas.