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"Today, long-term widows' benefits may go to many who don't need them - because they don't have the extra costs of bringing up children or because they have good incomes from jobs, pensions or insurance.
ALISTAIR Darling, the Social Security Secretary who wants to axe widows' benefit, thinks everyone should save for their old age.
She legitimately claimed widows' benefits and allowances and had to sell the family home to survive.
In this country, for example, the Civil War led to the institution of widows' benefits, which were the predecessor of welfare in its Aid to Families with Dependent Children form.
No government is going to accept a reform which either ends compulsory widows' benefits or inflation-linked rises.
Mr Goudie asked the judge for a formal declaration that the Government's failure to make extra-statutory payments equivalent to the widows' benefits was a breach of the Human Rights Convention, enshrined in domestic law since October 2000 by the Human Rights Act.
Proposals to privatize do not include spouses' and widows' benefits. Currently, if a woman spends most of her career raising her family, Social Security guarantees a benefit that equals 50 percent of her husband's if she retires at the normal age, which is increasing gradually from 65 to 67.
Men will qualify for widows' benefits for first time.
THE Tories last night accused the Government of resorting to "desperate" measures after reports that ministers are considering scrapping widows' benefits.
It said they should be allowed to water down their pension schemes by scrapping widows' benefits and removing any protection against inflation.
The Bill also contains plans to reform widows' benefits by enabling men to qualify for the first time but cutting payments for men and women over 45 without dependent children.