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1. Relating to the sale of goods to a retailer. That is, a wholesaler receives large quantities of goods from a manufacturer and distributes them to stores, where they are sold to consumers. A wholesaler generally is able to extract a better price from the manufacturer because it buys so many good relative to an individual retailer. In theory, this enables the retailer to sell the good at a better price for the consumer. See also: Economies of scale.

2. Relating to the sale of securities to institutional investors rather than individuals.


The sale of securities among broker-dealers and to large institutional investors. Securities sold at wholesale go for slightly lower prices than those paid by individual investors. Compare retail.
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However, these same protections may not be as necessary when assessing the power dynamics and relative bargaining positions of wholesalers and craft brewers.
The state's limited franchise law was passed in 1971, when there were 35 wholesalers in the state, and the only local brewer was Carling in Natick, said Mr.
Independent retailers served by Sugro UK wholesalers were "fantastic" at supporting new product development, but other retailers were being offered stock a week earlier in some cases, he said.
Wholesalers can provide goods from a wide range of manufacturers - not just from Britain but also from abroad.
Eager not to offend this influx of new tenants with the disruptive behavior exhibited by some in the wholesale industry, landlords may be even more wary now to rent space out to wholesalers.
But four beer brewing companies have raised shipment prices by abolishing the rebate and suggested retail prices, causing turmoil between wholesalers and retailers.
Producers now have immediate virtual access to the same kind of information they would receive in the field from their external wholesaler.
The case involves a constitutional challenge to New York's administrative regulations requiring cigarette tax agents and other wholesalers that sell cigarettes to retail outlets on Indian reservations in New York to collect a $5.
As in most other states, alcohol wholesalers in Illinois enjoy a privileged status that many consider a monopoly," said Tom Wark, Executive Director of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association.
44 Apparel, piece goods, and notions wholesalers 11,370
All the wholesalers we spoke to said they had asked the big suppliers for improved margin to cope with the slump in sales with little evidence of success.