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I for one am extremely excited to read the Industrial Strategy Whitepaper, as I firmly believe there is enough momentum in Government and industry to drive through a radical, creative and wide ranging agenda that goes far beyond previous attempts at refocusing UK manufacturing.
Embracing the issues and challenges discussed in this whitepaper will arguably help IIFSs sustain business continuity," said Dr.
Another reason spear phishing endures: Too many organizations continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this exposure," the whitepaper observed.
Sound-absorbing ceilings provide patients with the quiet and rest they need, and can potentially reduce rehospitalisation, according to the whitepaper.
The underlying message of the whitepaper is to ensure designers are more aware of all of the issues involved and not to be misled by headlines promising dramatic savings that only consider one narrow aspect of their design.
Another myth that the whitepaper aims to dispel is that ERP can handle all business requirements', regardless of business mix or business process needs.
Creation of the whitepaper represents our first attempt to systematize the best practices that weve managed to develop in the area of the Internet of Things.
With the mandated ICD-10 transition less than a month away, the whitepaper provides a timely review of the negative impact ICD-10 may have on physician practices.
The process involved, from a GCC viewpoint, is explored in a new Deloitte Middle East whitepaper titled 'Forensic Data Collection in the GCC: Ensuring your electronic review doesn't fall at the first hurdle'.
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman have each stated plans to produce at least 10 per cent of their energy from sustainable sources by 2020, added the 'Renewable Energy: Seeds of Change', a whitepaper by Deloitte Middle East, a leading professional services firm.
The complete NSTL report and Entegrity Performance Whitepaper is available on the Entegrity web site: http://www.
The whitepaper puts into context the advantages of a multi-tiered cloud approach as a way to prioritize workloads and achieve greater cost benefits.