white sheets

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White sheets

Lists of prices published by the National Quotation Bureau for Market Makers.

White Sheets

Quotes for over-the-counter securities traded in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The National Quotation Bureau provides white sheets to American market makers.

white sheets

A National Quotation Bureau listing of prices for regional over-the-counter stock traded in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
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The white sheet as it slaps through the air is like a white sail on
Unlike previous occasions, where Kutaragi has diverted the audience's attention by pulling a white sheet off Sony's latest gadget, his only offering this time was a slide showing an artist's impression of a "future home.
One of the campaign's particularly perverse rituals involved the symbolic reclaiming of one's virginity by pouring peroxide or bleach over a red food colouring stain on a white sheet, thereby making oneself a "born-again virgin.
The color photo shows the naked torso and head of a man, identified as the late president, laid out on a white sheet.
A shadow puppet's theater consists of a white sheet and a bright light.
I thought the flaps on his shirt were going to start beating and that he would take off, a bit like the moths in the brilliant report featured later which showed how a light bulb and a white sheet in your garden can help you to display some of the winged wonders of the world.
Bin Laden's body was washed, wrapped in a white sheet and then placed in a weighted bag, before being carefully lowered into the North Arabian Sea.
Television footage showed her in court covered in a white sheet to protect her identity.
One of the loveliest pieces in the show is Freier Fall (Free Fall), 2006, a projection of an image of a white sheet of paper falling to the ground.
You can make lit surfaces more attractive by draping a white sheet over them.
A security guard sat in front of the Tardis, which was tucked down a nearby alleyway, covered by a white sheet.
NO one was covered with a hood or white sheet, but years later I found out that many of them were from the Ku Klux Klan.