white sheets

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White sheets

Lists of prices published by the National Quotation Bureau for Market Makers.
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White Sheets

Quotes for over-the-counter securities traded in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The National Quotation Bureau provides white sheets to American market makers.
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white sheets

A National Quotation Bureau listing of prices for regional over-the-counter stock traded in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
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Be it as it may, we have private reasons for knowing that a tall figure in a white sheet did walk, at the most approved ghostly hours, around the Legree premises,--pass out the doors, glide about the house,--disappear at intervals, and, reappearing, pass up the silent stairway, into that fatal garret; and that, in the morning, the entry doors were all found shut and locked as firm as ever.
The sleeper was covered with a white sheet; the outline of the limbs was hardly distinguishable.
The man was so wasted that, in this white cabin, under a white sheet, and with his diminished head sunk in the white pillow, his red moustaches captured their eyes exclusively, like something arti- ficial--a pair of moustaches from a shop exhibited there in the harsh light of the bulkhead-lamp without a shade.
A crowd of people followed, jammed between the walls of the houses hung with white sheets; at last the procession arrived at the foot of the hill.
Athos, do you know any inn in the whole town where one can find white sheets, roast beef reasonably cooked, and wine which is not made of hops and gin?"
As I got near the shore, the clouds gathered black, and the rain came down, drifting in great white sheets of water before the wind.
From over balconies fell long white sheets stuck all over with bouquets.
The forms of Barbicane, Nicholl, and Michel Ardan, bathed in its white sheets, assumed that livid spectral appearance which physicians produce with the fictitious light of alcohol impregnated with salt.
`You must be tired,' said she to the jeweller; `I have spread a pair of white sheets on your bed; go up when you are ready, and sleep well.'
They had beside them what seemed to be white sheets concealing some objects under them, standing upright or lying flat, and arranged at intervals.
The chain's pole sign was donned in a white sheet with McDonald's logo and a chilling warning, 'Booo!