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He said the proposed Whistle Blowing Act would help people who were courageous and prepared to lift the lid on corrupt practices in the country.
Among the suggestions relating to whistle blowing are setting a clear tone at the top, having whistle blowing officers reporting not only to the audit committee but to the CEO, and mandatory training, including scenario-based training.
Bob Butler, senior tax consultant at BDO Stoy Hayward, predicts the new powers will increase the incidence of whistle blowing.
But last year there were only nine recorded complaints of malpractice, a number so small that it seems highly unlikely that the whistle blowing service is doing its job.
Thus, the bar prohibiting external whistle blowing is set quite high.
Whistle blowing was viewed by internal auditors as instrumental for removing resources from projects in which they might otherwise be squandered.
2) These outcomes can be characterized as prosocial behavior, to which whistle blowing is closely associated (Brief and Motowildo 1986; Dozier 1988; Dozier and Miceli 1985; Graham 1983; Miceli and Near 1992 and 1988).
From the ball being snapped to the whistle blowing, he never stops.
ISLAMABAD -- Whistle blowing Protection Law will help people who courageous and prepared to lift the lid on corrupt practices in the country said Qamar Zaman Chaudhry Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
Those trainings sessions also build a connection between workers and the company that can encourage whistle blowing, said Aguilera.
These findings show the size of the task facing risk managers, who coordinate activities to identify and mitigate an organization's exposure, when they don't even have a formal process for whistle blowing," notes Jack Hampton, executive director of RIMS.