whisper stock

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Whisper stock

A stock rumored to be the target of a takeover bid, drawing speculators who hope to make a profit after the takeover is completed.

Whisper Stock

Stock in a company rumored to be the target of a hostile takeover. Investments in whisper stocks can be highly speculative because the rumor may turn out to be false. Furthermore, if one knows the rumor to be true for a fact and buys or sells the whisper stock accordingly, one may be guilty of insider trading.

whisper stock

Shares in a firm that is rumored as a takeover target.
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Several leading stock market advisory services, including SGA Goldstar's Whisper Stocks Report, Downing & Associates' Technical Analysis Reports, Harry Plate's "Stock of the Week," Marketline, Bruce Cady's Instant Advisor will be producing special reports for the DBC "home page" on Microsoft's new Windows 95 on-line service.