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After all, the last time the majority of law enforcement officers carried wheelguns Ronald Reagan was president and Tom Landry was still coaching in Dallas.
While researching this article I discovered that Remington actually offers this very load in their Performance Wheelgun line tailored to Cowboy Action shooting.
I don't honestly think you have to be in competition to enjoy either of these fine wheelguns.
By any means, the trusted wheelgun still ranks high among handgun hunters and for field use, not to mention personal defense, target shooting and just plain plinking fun.
I usually pack the P3AT because it offers me two more shots than the wheelgun and completely disappears in any pants I'm wearing.
Sized to fit a tackle box or a daypack, the diminutive wheelgun is small enough for kids' hands but not too small for adults.
Introduced in 1957, the Smith & Wesson Model 41 was an overnight sensation, and frankly, the old wheelgun company was caught completely off guard.
Other than the new S&W X-Frames, the only other existing wheelgun capable of chambering the .
In other words, if you are talking about a revolver, call it a revolver and not a wheelgun.