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This not only is an efficient way to perform what-if analysis, but the resulting table also provides instant documentation of the substitution process, as shown in exhibit 4, at left.
Based on Badger, Tuscany Design's high-performance platform, Tego includes an option for integrated timing and power analysis that allows engineers to quickly perform sophisticated what-if analysis on the design using intuitive graphical manipulation.
The package includes, at an extra cost, an integrated tax planning and what-if analysis module.
iScope[TM] (Insight Scope) Software Gives Non-technical Business Professionals a Powerful, Easy-to-Use Visual Tool for Real-time Data Exploration and What-if Analysis
All are relatively easy to use and offer some form of what-if analysis.
0 provides several options for performing what-if analysis to compare different consolidation scenarios.
Analysis: Dynamic, realistic simulations validate models and enable what-if analysis of alternative process designs and rules.
In addition, a number of other improvements have been added, the most notable of which include an ability to support multi-field data validations, and support for robust what-if analysis via pricing models.
Finally, as the execution picture changes due to supply de-commits, buyers can initiate rapid what-if analysis on supply events and understand the impact on the plan with plan-to-plan comparison.
TradeCapture's TC Maestro(TM) product provides real-time P&L, Risk Analytics and What-If Analysis for banks, hedge funds and high volume traders.
The new version of Chip2Nite also has speed and capacity improvements throughout the entire platform, with 5-10 times improvement in typical database load times critical to perform rapid prototyping and what-if analysis.