Go long

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Go Long

To take a long position. That is, one goes long when one buys a security or derivative.
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Go long.

When you go long, you buy a security or other financial product that you intend to hold for a period of time or one that you expect to increase in value so that you can sell it at a profit.

For example, if you're buying and selling options or futures contracts, you go long when you enter a contract to buy the underlying instrument. In the case of stock, you go long when you buy shares to hold in your portfolio, at least for the next term.

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References in classic literature ?
There's nothing else much to be fond on, for my furnitur' went long ago.
It was all over when a Gauff forehand went long" and Osaka rushed to console the teenager.
Citron's full tweet this morning reads, "We initially went long $ROKU at $35.
"I think we went long ball far too easily, but obviously they are a very good team.
Stephanie Niemer's final service of the game went long, giving the Tornadoes the victory and the 9-1 record while her Blaze Spikers slipped to 8-2.
Sources said the party went long into the night in the incredible setting as the guests swigged champagne and toasted the couple.
That hearing went long and was continued until Dec.
Querrey raced into a 4-1 lead in the tie-break, then when Murray went long the American had four set points at 6-2, but he only needed one as he sealed the set with a trademark big forehand.
My mind thinks on - what went wrong Did we quarrel, did we row, I don't remember somehow Oh I can't think any more, I'm tired Go away and close the door - I'll close my eyes just once more And when I wake I will still be here If not, I shall be dead and gone and then my son will carry life on I need a rest from this mad mad world, it's all got too much for me I know where I would now much rather be Far away in God's sweet heaven with peace and tranquillity Where I need no money, no TV Just back with my hubby who went long before me.
"I dictated most of the points when the rallies went long, which he normally likes.
Suddenly it was Murray who was making unforced errors and he netted to hand Djokovic two break points, then went long to give his opponent his third game in a row.
But the world number one went long in the next game to give Murray back his advantage immediately and the Scot serve dout the first set.