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A generic term for many government assistance programs. In general, it refers to programs in which the government pays money to indigent and unemployed persons. However, it may include non-cash payments such as food stamps. It may or may not include a requirement that able-bodied persons on welfare attempt to find work. Welfare is very controversial. Proponents argue that it helps the persons least able to help themselves, while critics contend it encourages people not to work. See also: TANF, Dole.


that aspect of management concerned with the wellbeing, both physical and emotional, of employees. It is an umbrella term for a range of services and activities. HEALTH AND SAFETY (the regulation of working conditions) is probably the most important but is often managed separately from other welfare functions. Other welfare activities include the provision of canteens and social clubs, sports facilities, medical officers etc. Some organizations also provide counselling services to help individuals cope with, for instance, work-related stress.

The reasoning behind employer concern with welfare suggests that a contented workforce is likely to be more productive. Some employers also feel that it is a social obligation to their employees. Welfare activities usually come under the remit of the PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT function. In fact, in the UK the origins of personnel management lie in the concern to improve employee welfare felt by certain employers in the early years of the 20th century. See FRINGE BENEFIT, HUMAN RELATIONS. See also SOCIAL SECURITY.

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For council tax concerns call the welfare rights team on 01642 526141.
If people want to help return the NHS to the treasure it has been in the past, abolish zero hour contracts, protect our welfare rights and see that we have effective Trade Unions who protect the workforce of this country, then the only way to vote is Labour.
While there is naturally a cost in keeping on the permanent staff, there are very many other volunteers as well as my wife supporting this worthwhile organisation, where their unpaid contributions would be lost if the Welfare Rights Department is a victim of council financial constraints.
A CONTRACT worth Au90,000 over three years to replace Harlow s welfare rights and advice service has been awarded by councillors.
Many welfare rights officers have studied a subject such as social policy or community work to degree level, but this is not essential if you have enough practical experience.
Katie Thomas, the Macmillan welfare rights advisor based at the Princess of Wales Hospital, said: "This service helps to support people at the most difficult time in their lives, helping to reduce any added stress and anxiety brought about by financial worries.
In this scholarly study of the welfare rights movement of the 1967-72, Triece (communication, University of Akron) draws on the official newspaper and other written materials of the National Welfare Rights Organization, along with congressional testimonies given by women receiving welfare, to show how poor black women made claims to knowledge in public forums dominated by white males.
Newcastle Welfare Rights Service is particularly keen to assist those at risk of losing a mortgaged home, losing their tenancy, need help to manage debt and people at risk of engaging with inappropriate financial products.
Patricia Hamilton from Tregarth who suffers from Macular Degeneration with RNIB welfare rights officer Ellen Lloyd
Kapadia, who is set to take over as the Chief Justice of India ( CJI) next month, advocated the reframing of welfare rights of the poor on Saturday.
Over 8,500 Holocaust survivors have contacted a government hotline in recent weeks regarding their social welfare rights and benefits.
Weak Courts, Strong Rights: Judicial Review and Social Welfare Rights in Comparative Constitutional Law