Price-weighted index

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Price-weighted index

An index giving a greater influence to higher-valued stocks by weighting all component stocks by their price.
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Price-Weighted Index

An index that tracks a number of securities in which price changes in stocks that already have higher prices affect the index's price changes more than other securities. For example, suppose an index tracks three stocks: A, B, and C. If A has a higher price than B and C, an uptick in A will be more likely to result in an uptick in the index as a whole (depending on how much more weighted it is). Price weighted indices are less common than capitalization-weighted indices, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a prominent example.
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Antero has 1,010 BBtu/d in natural gas volumes hedged at a weighted average price of $2.88/MMBtu.
Further, as system gas and RLNG pricing is done under two sets of laws The Ogra Ordinance, 2002 and Petroleum Levy Ordinance 1961 respectively therefore, unless the 2002 ordinance is amended to include RLNG, the regulator under the present arrangement is unable to notify the weighted average price of $6.5 per mmBtu for zero-rate industry.
However, the RICS transaction based measure for farmland prices, including residential farmland, suggests that the weighted average price rose from pounds 15,825 per hectare to pounds 16,318.
Flue-cured Virginia Tobacco: The weighted average price of tobacco for the crop of any year to be paid by a tobacco company to the tobacco growers shall not be lower than the weighted average price paid to them for the crop of the immediately preceding year.
The buyback and sale price of Australian $3.40 per MOE share represents a 6.6% discount to the 30-day volume weighted average price for MOE shares up to and including September 2.
According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance, the cut-off price of bonds amounted to 100.6378 manats (7.65 percent), and the weighted average price was 100.8307 manats (7.5447 percent).
'With respect to the notification of weighted average price of $6.5 per mmBtu, it is decided that subsidy on account of RLNG/system gas supply mix has to be reimbursed on monthly basis against notified gas prices as per actual consumption, therefore, the need for such notification of weighted average price doesn't arise,' reads a ministry of Finance letter issued on Nov 2.
In conjunction, the company will grant Megibow with an option to purchase 538,020 shares of its Class A common stock at an exercise price equal to the greater of the closing price of its Class A Common Stock on the Start Date or the trailing 60-day volume weighted average price of its Class A common stock as well as an automatic grant on each of the 12, 24 and 36 month anniversaries of the Start Date of an option to purchase 179,340 shares of its Class A Common Stock at an exercise price equal to the trailing 30-day volume weighted average price of its Class A common stock.
According to the company, the subscription price has been set at SEK1.60 per share based on the volume weighted average price of the Invuo share between 12 February 2018 and 2 March 2018.
In connection with the authorization of this stock repurchase program, the board announced that the company's existing stock repurchase program, which had authorized the company to purchase up to 492,695 shares of its issued and outstanding common stock, had been completed in full at a weighted average price of USD17.52 per share.
The company did not mention at what price it sold them, but based on the weighted average price of a Novatek GDR during the period, the proceeds could have amounted to USD3.7m (EUR2.7m), Interfax said.

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