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The Document scenario supports the exchange of existing IFX documents, which is appropriate for existing IFX implementations that want to take advantage of Web Services as a transport.
Built on top of a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Web Services Commerce Platform, the Marketplace serves as a place for providers and consumers of XML-based Web services to publish, subscribe to, and build applications and Web sites using a diverse set of Web services.
StrikeIron's investment in DesertSoft means that our customers will benefit from StrikeIron's expanded capabilities and services to users of Web Services," said Scott Elder, CEO of DesertSoft.
In 2005, W3C held the Semantic Web Services workshop to gather information about potential standardization work on Semantics in Web Services.
Mobile Web Services is a comprehensive, up-to-date and practical guide to adapting mobile Web services-based applications.
The Web Services and Semantics Seminar demonstrates uses of Web services in real world scenarios and promises a look at the use of semantics.
Registering and provisioning of Web services usage and licensing is done entirely through the API, so a user never has to leave the ISV application to gain access to or increase access to any Web service within the StrikeIron Marketplace.
StrikeIron is the leader in the commercialization of web services through the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, which is available as part of the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network.
Forum XWall is the first and only standalone Web Services Firewall with XIP(TM) (XML Intrusion Prevention), WS-I Profile conformance, XML Schema Restriction, WSDL Access Control and XML Antivirus.
the worldwide leader of Web services commercialization through the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace(TM), today announced that it has partnered with NetSuite to deliver on-demand Web services as a value add to their inaugural NetFlex Applications Program.
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