normal wear and tear

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Normal Wear and Tear

Deterioration to property one would expect from reasonable, light use. For example, small scratches or chips in the paint of a wall that occur over the course of a year or two may be considered normal wear and tear. A large hole in the wall resulting from a wild party generally would not. A tenant ordinarily does not compensate a landlord when the landlord repairs normal wear and tear.
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normal wear and tear

That amount of physical deterioration that occurs with normal use of a property as contemplated by the parties.It could be dramatically different between a day-care facility and an upscale clothing store.Most commercial leases require the tenant to return the premises in like condition as when rented,normal wear and tear excepted.Consumer protection laws in many states prohibit withholding a tenant's deposit if there is only normal wear and tear to the premises. The best practice is to define the term in the lease. For example,“Normal wear and tear shall mean the necessity to shampoo carpets and paint walls, but not the necessity to replace carpet or repair walls for anything larger than a small picture hanger.”

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