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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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The potential to apply centrifugal compressors in an air cooled packaged chiller is an important development today when the popularity of air cooled chillers is increasing globally, while the market for water cooled chillers in some major global regions remains stagnant or is even contracting.
As with the above mentioned air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers are often employed for use with numerical-controlled lathes, lasers, die-casting machines, medical apparatus, plating processes and foodstuffs.
Air cooled and water cooled chillers with Turbocor (magnetic levitation centrifugal) compressors, R134a refrigerant using, are able to deliver a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of up to 9.0.
A new hybrid dry air/water cooling system, developed by Muller Industries Australia, enables reductions in water usage of around 80 per cent while still being almost as energy efficient as water cooled systems.
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As pointed in Part 1, inductor runouts have virtually been eliminated after fitting the bushing with a water cooled joint cap.
Water Cooling Corona Discharge Ozone Generator: Market Dynamics Large scale commercial and Industrial ozone applications use water cooled corona discharge ozone generators almost exclusively.
Akman told MEP Middle East that air-cooled chillers have better sales than water cooled chillers as a result of the growing requirement for smaller capacity units.
Chillers and features described in the literature include air cooled, water cooled, split systems, packaged outdoor units, custom temperature controls, low temperature applications, pump tank solutions, cooling towers, and installation, start-up, piping and service.