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Watch list

A list of securities selected for special surveillance by a brokerage, exchange, or regulatory organization; firms on the list are often takeover targets, companies planning to issue new securities, or stocks showing unusual activity.

Watch List

A list of securities that the SEC or other body is observing closely because their companies are suspected of regulatory or legal violations, or because it has simply attracted an unusual amount of attention recently. For example, a company about to make a new issue of stock may be placed on the watch list to ensure that it abides by all regulations, even if it has never been suspected of violating any.

watch list

A roster of securities that are under scrutiny for a special reason. For example, a watch list may be established for stock that has exhibited an unusual trading volume or for debt securities that have reduced quality ratings.
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Liban's brother named Jeffery, Jimmy was included in their barangay drug watchlist and advised him to stop using the illegal substance.
The delegation came into motion after a resolution - sponsored by the United States and supported by its allies - was put forward to consider placing Pakistan on a watchlist of countries that financially aid terrorism.
Senior bankers say they are watching the development with mixed feelings of confidence and unease: they are confident that the move to put Pakistan on the FATF watchlist will not succeed, but feel uneasy because it seems there is more to this issue than meets the eye.
The interior minister, on Sunday, has said that the bid by some western countries to place Pakistan on a global terrorist-financing watchlist was a political act.
It would also take up a motion put forward by the United States and its allies to put Pakistan on the watchlist.
Speaking to media in Lahore, the interior minister said the West wants to pressurise Pakistan to achieve certain objectives, because of which it is pushing to place the country on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) watchlist.
On Tuesday, the United States put forward a motion to place Pakistan on a global terrorist-financing watchlist with an anti-money laundering monitoring group, according to a senior Pakistani official.
He was previously among 22 individuals and four entities added to a terrorist watchlist by Bahrain in November.
2% of the exposure reflected in Fitch's 'Secondary Loans of Concern' list was already included in Fitch's CLO Index Watchlist at the end of September, since they carry a Fitch or equivalent rating at the 'CCC' level or below.
G-Cube holds a strong niche amongst the Top 20 Companies that 2017 Watchlist recognizes worldwide.
Expanded free features include streaming intraday data, seven stock analyses per week, a user WatchList, enhanced stock graphs and a market overview.
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released its latest safety Watchlist today, at the same time announcing a more proactive approach to engage government and industry leaders in dialogue and action that leads to safety improvements across Canadas transportation network.