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Watch list

A list of securities selected for special surveillance by a brokerage, exchange, or regulatory organization; firms on the list are often takeover targets, companies planning to issue new securities, or stocks showing unusual activity.

Watch List

A list of securities that the SEC or other body is observing closely because their companies are suspected of regulatory or legal violations, or because it has simply attracted an unusual amount of attention recently. For example, a company about to make a new issue of stock may be placed on the watch list to ensure that it abides by all regulations, even if it has never been suspected of violating any.

watch list

A roster of securities that are under scrutiny for a special reason. For example, a watch list may be established for stock that has exhibited an unusual trading volume or for debt securities that have reduced quality ratings.
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But unlike existing apps with watchlists, which never change after the user adds to them, Legit's watchlist continuously updates and sorts based on important factors like friends' opinions, overall popularity, and in the near future, key events like season premieres and when the content is available to rent, buy or watch.
Also Wednesday, Oregon tight end Johnny Mundt and center Matt Hegarty were also named to watchlists for the Mackey Award and Rimington Award, respectively.
Khan said he was worried about the implication of the government's watchlist to Muslims in the country.
On the day de Blasio unveiled the watchlist, he was asked the obvious question: "Tell us why a city official is getting involved with foreign policy.
Customers can create a watchlist and keep track of newly approved gTLDs at no cost and with no commitment.
As of the Fourth Quarter of 2011, there were 232 banks on the Trepp Watchlist that were deemed to be at high risk of failure.
Accolades from both the CRM Watchlist and Brandon Hall Group affirm that Sword Ciboodle is steadily becoming a stand-out customer engagement solutions provider.
These actions are intended to address problems in the way agencies share and use information to nominate individuals to the watchlist, and use the list to prevent persons of concern from boarding planes to the United States or entering the country, among other things.
Tier-2 watchlist countries do not meet the minimum standards but are making significant efforts, yet trafficking is either increasing or more concrete steps are needed by the governments.
ISTANBUL, Sep 30, 2009 (TUR) -- A leading world index company included Turkey in its watchlist, the Turkish stock exchange said on Wednesday.
Commissioner Marcelino Libanan of the Bureau of Immigrations (BI) said personnel at all ports of exit in the country will be furnished a watchlist of persons suspected to have been involved in human smuggling.
boarding a flight" because the watchlist showed they might pose a