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A subdivision used in local governments in a number of countries. Wards are sometimes the constituencies for local, elected officials. They are often equivalent to a neighborhood or a portion of county.


See guardian.

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According to the support group set up to fight the deportation of the Ahmadis, the children have been made wards of court, with social services responsible for their care.
If he does not make the twins wards of court, they will be returned to the Kilshaws.
However, the decision by the HSE to make seven underage protesters wards of court was the correct one.
The four have since been made British wards of court but because Palestinian authorities do not recognise the Hague Convention there is no way of enforcing this court order.
The sisters were made the subject of an emergency protection order pending Flintshire's application in the High Court to have them made wards of court, which the Kilshaws are fighting.
Mrs Justice Hogg, who made Jade and Hannah Bennett wards of court, said last night she wanted to thank the press and media for their role in the successful return of the girls and their foster parents.
Much of the money belonged to wards of court or minors who died without leaving a will.
I really am unhappy that these are British wards of court and they are effectively incarcerated in Nablus.
Mrs Justice Hogg made the two girls wards of court and said their future would now be decided by the High Court, with the Official Solicitor acting on their behalf.