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Why do the four years of the Civil War rate so much more attention in this history-obsessed commonwealth than the 250 years of blood sacrifice experienced by the hundreds of thousands of slaves who lived in, built up, and were sold through our state?
9 percent of offers written by Redfin agents faced competition, while the bidding war rate in Portland surged 68.
Nor did the fact that Canada had sent more armed forces against Mohawk people defending their lands in the 1990 standoff near Oka, Quebec than it sent to the Gulf War rate a mention.
In an interview with The Actuary magazine, global insurance firm Willis' head of transportation broking and chief executive of aerospace estimated that hull war rates could rise as high as 300 per cent due to the recent disasters.
As such, we do anticipate that aviationhull war rates will rise across the board.
Given the string of recent incidents, hull war rates could increase over the short-term though the level of increase will depend on the amount insured.
I write in the bookshop, Where War Rates a few shelves Between
The poll also finds that the Iraq war rates as Americans' top issue.
The poll also finds that the Iraq war rates as the top issue for Americans by a significant margin over healthcare and the economy.
Aviation premiums have soared by between 400 per cent and 600 per cent following the disaster, and aviation war rates have jumped a massive 1,400 per cent, it claimed.
And he can hardly contain himself as he tells how aviation war rates have risen by 1,400 per cent while maritime war rates have jumped by up to 500 per cent.