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With Smith's impassioned pleas echoing across America's airwaves, millions invested in war bonds. "No entertainer did more for the war effort on the home front than Kate Smith," Hayes noted in his biography of the singer.
Robert Morgan really wanted Scott Miller to come back on the war bond tour, but Miller hadn't finished his 25th mission, so he had to stay.
If purchasing a bond had once been a display of ideological support for socialist construction, it was now a matter of patriotism: "Fulfill your patriotic duty [dolg] before the Fatherland--all as one, subscribe to the State War Bond of 1942!" A variation on this theme had Soviet citizens performing a "sacred duty" (sviashchennyi dolg) to give all possible assistance to the front.
The war bond tour's greatest splash occurred when Chaplin, Fairbanks, and Pickford appeared on April 8, 1918, before a Gotham crowd in which the New York Sun stated, "The police estimated ...
those of the Second World War that the prior war bond model is
He wanted to "...put a little more spring into the feet of our marching men and a little more joy in their hearts..." The military was only too happy to make use of Miller's talents and sent him out to raise millions in war bond drives.
Among the featured artifacts are: war bond posters; a POW uniform worn by Sgt.
We celebrated the success of the drives with parties and War Bond rallies.
Bil and Thelma "Thel" Keane met during World War II in a war bond office in Brisbane, Australia.
The activities suggested here include making a family tree, building a model ship, decoding a naval signal flag message, staging a radio show, hosting a swing dance party, rationing a meal, designing a war bond poster, and performing an Abbott and Costello-style routine.
The elder Bradley was celebrated as a hero, awarded the Navy Cross, and repatriated to the United States, where he took part in a barnstorming tour of the country to promote war bond sales, along with the two other surviving flag raisers.