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A breach in the performance of a legal duty,proximately resulting in harm to another. Central to the concept of negligence is the problem of determining the exact duty owed.For example, does one owe any duties of care regarding the condition of property so as not to injure trespassers? If there is no duty,there can be no negligence,no matter how sloppy and careless the act.

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A lack of such reasonable care and caution as would be expected of a prudent person. A penalty may be assessed if any part of an underpayment of tax is due to negligent or intentional disregard of rules and regulations.
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Colorado Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc., the Colorado Court of Appeals stated that no release agreement can relieve a person of liability for willful and wanton negligence. (22) It upheld a finding of such negligence in Barker, holding that evidence at trial had established that sponsors of an auto race had knowingly failed to fill water barrels that formed a barrier to protect spectators in the pit area.
As a further illustration of their point, the drafters cited to states where the phrase "gross and wanton negligence," as used in now-defunct guest statutes, was interpreted to mean willful and wanton conduct.