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Stock that has fallen out of favor with investors; stock that tends to have a low P/E (price-to-earnings ratio).

Orphan Stock

A stock that is not often tracked by analysts. This may be because it is not very well known or because it belongs to an industry that is generally performing poorly. As a result these stocks have low demand and often a low price. Some value investors recommend buying orphan stocks because they could be undervalued. However, because demand is low, orphan stocks have low trading volume and a small change in demand may result in volatility in price. An orphan stock is also called a wallflower.


An out-of-favor security, company, or industry.
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The wallflower is a member of the cabbage family and so can be prone to the vegetable's problems such as club root and downy mildew.
Dudley Zoo Gardens, senior curator Derek Grove said: "It's an incredible story to think that Frederick was summoned to court for attempting to take wallflowers.
By that time, according to keyboardist/cofounder Rami Jaffee, the individual Wallflowers were primed to work together again, ultimately convening in Nashville to record Glad All Over -- which debuted at No 48 on the Billboard 200 in October -- with producer Jay Joyce.
Traditionally wallflowers have been grown in the field and dug up for retail sale.
Like other biennial wallflowers they need full sun and sharply drained soil.
English wallflowers (Erysimum cheiri) appear in yellow, orange, red or burgundy and are mildly fragrant.
For their latest swing, the members of the Wallflowers - Dylan, guitarist Michael Ward, bassist Greg Richling, drummer Mario Calire and veteran keyboard player Rami Jaffee - have added producer Brendan O'Brien as a guitarist.
Hollander says he listened to a lot of Wallflowers tunes when he was writing the pilot for "The Guardian" a couple of years ago.
Wallflowers will grow in most soils in sun or partial shade.
A needed antidote to the confusion and controversy caused by shifting language, Wimmin, Wimps, & Wallflowers explores the history and used of words that have carved a deep place in our culture and helped define us as a diverse people.
It is now necessary when mentioning a "Dylan song" to specify whether one means the work of Bob, hero of the Woodstock generation, or of his youngest son, Jakob, lead singer and Grammy-winning songwriter for the Wallflowers.
If many of the protons exit the nucleus at widely different angles, the double emissions recorded are probably chance events, like two wallflowers abandoning a disappointing dance at the same instant.