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Stock that has fallen out of favor with investors; stock that tends to have a low P/E (price-to-earnings ratio).
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Orphan Stock

A stock that is not often tracked by analysts. This may be because it is not very well known or because it belongs to an industry that is generally performing poorly. As a result these stocks have low demand and often a low price. Some value investors recommend buying orphan stocks because they could be undervalued. However, because demand is low, orphan stocks have low trading volume and a small change in demand may result in volatility in price. An orphan stock is also called a wallflower.
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An out-of-favor security, company, or industry.
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Erysimum (the perennial wall flower) is grown for its fragrance and reliability.
And Miss Xiques has extensive experience in charitable causes such as speaking on the panel of Equal Rights at the Wall Flower Gallery and recruiting volunteers.
But he is a wall flower compared with actor Gilles Marini, the most beautiful man on the planet.
My son - never one to be a wall flower - was eager to get out and make as many new friends as possible.
WALL FLOWER: Bryce Davies with his art work on one of the walls in the courtyard PICTURES: Andrew Davies; FESTIVAL VENUE: The Lansdowne pub in Canton; PICTURE THIS: Mr Davies and Jodie Driscoll
Christian Dior, never the beauty wall flower has done away with the natural look this season, embracing instead artificiality in all its garish glory.
HEEL DEAL Gillian is no wall flower BACK IN BLACK Actress looks slim and trim SHOOT Closer mag
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN In classic film Grease,Olivia Newton John morphed from virginal wall flower into high kickin' vixen.
SHOOT J Closer mag BACK J IN BLACK Actress looks slim and trim HEEL DEAL Gillian is no wall flower
Lively Bisson is far from the wall flower he came across as on the hit reality show.
The three-day show at Meols Hall in Churchtown, which was continuing today,featured a sneak preview of a new wall flower due to be unveiled at this year's Chelsea flower show,as well as an attempt to set a world record for the most garden gnomes ever assembled in one place.
But this year, there's noneed to blush helplessly and wilt like a wall flower when the object of your desires walks through the door.