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Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, media director at the ministry's branch in the Makkah region, said in a previous statement that the services of the company were suspended for violating the Wage Protection Law and that several visits were made to the company to finalize procedures related to payment of all employees and to end travel procedures for those with terminated contracts.
According to the ministry, in sectors of employment where the 13th salary is usually paid, the law considers the second salary paid every December as part of the worker's annual salary, making non-payment a violation of Article 35(I) 2007 of the Wage Protection Law.
Wage Protection Law 1958, which establishes how salaries and pensions should be paid; and
RIYADH: ARAB NEWSThe Ministry of Labor has stopped its electronic services to 138 big companies that have a work force of more than 3,000 for not complying with the wage protection law.
Actions in Connection with the Wage Protection Law (Article 261
By bringing these lawsuits, these employees are showing great courage in attempting to get their employer to obey our civil rights laws and our wage protection laws," said Alan Exelrod, another attorney for the plaintiffs.