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FIRMS have offered more than 21,000 jobs to young people at risk of long-term unemployment under a Government wage incentive scheme, ministers said.
The key elements of the Youth Contract are: 160,000 wage incentives worth up to PS2,275 each for employers who recruit an 18 to 24 year old through the Work Programme or Jobcentre Plus and an extra 250,000 work experience places.
"The big fall in youth unemployment is particularly welcome, but we know this remains a challenge, which is why we have the 1 billion pound Youth Contract offering nearly half a million work experience places, apprenticeships and wage incentives to help young people get a job."(end) mrn.nfm KUNA 171323 Oct 12NNNN
WORK PROGRAMME - young unemployed people can join the scheme, which gives wage incentives worth up to pounds 2,275 for a job lasting at least 26 weeks.
But Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the Youth Contract will offer firms pounds 2,275 wage incentives to take on up to 160,000 under 25s.
Under the Youth Contract, first announced last November, firms will be offered Au2,275 "wage incentives" to take on up to 160,000 under 25s, while the scheme will also create an additional 250,000 work experience placements.
Industrial management experts assumed that workers were machines driven by wage incentives, but discovered that workers were actually humans whose productivity also depended on opportunities to converse and decide.
A temporary tax-free regime for new investors, including wage incentives, should be created.
Lane County Cares seeks wage incentives for child care providers - incentives that would encourage them to stay in this important field.
Cruz says most cops don't bother taking the classes because the wage incentives fall far short of their economic needs.