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Brent remains the dominant marker for crude oil pricing, WTI is also trading in Europe and the Asia/Pacific market.
STS tends to trade at a discount to Permian WTI at the Magellan East Houston terminal, in part because the quality of the latter has been more consistent.
The addition of a Mini sized WTI contract will further strengthen DGCX's hydrocarbon product portfolio.
North Sea Dated Brent, Dubai and US light sweet marker WTI were up by $4.
Aside from oversupply concerns, contributing to this sudden selling pressure is anxiety that demand for WTI is declining.
While the cost of shipping usually precludes big Asian imports of Latin American grades, some of which are priced against WTI, the increased gap has opened the window for arbitrage, said traders and analysts.
09 per barrel over Nymex WTI crude, which traded at $52.
The donation provided by WTI will allow for annual maintenance and repairs to the towers, helping to keep them safe and open to the public.
Goldman analysts said in a report released late on Sunday that they expect US benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude, or WTI, to fall to $75 a barrel and Brent to $85 a barrel in the first quarter of 2015, both down $15 a barrel from their previous forecast.
The price for WTI, meanwhile, is influenced by its European counterpart, a crude known as Brent blend, which is the benchmark for two thirds of the world's traded crude and what Europe uses as its pricing standard.
WTI currently holds 54 percent of the total issued ordinary share capital of the Company.
Many US investors will say WTI crude oil fetches about $86/b - the price of front-month futures traded at NYMEX.