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With IRS W-2 forms already issued by some employers, the 2018 tax season has arrived, and the Department of Justice Consumer Protection Unit is again warning Delaware consumers and employers to be on guard for fake IRS phone call scams and IRS Form W-2 email phishing scams that are targeting employers, including retail businesses, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and law firms.
The fraudsters send emails pretending to be executives requesting copies of W-2 forms for employees, which, of course, contain addresses, Social Security numbers, income and withholdings.
In February, the FBI issued an official warning to businesses about a new form of tax season scam in which fraudsters use social engineering attacks known as business email compromise (BEC) or CEO fraud to target W-2 forms.
31 to provide W-2 forms to employees for the previous year.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials say criminals often "phish" for employees' W-2 forms and other personal records by using emails that look as if they come from the targeted company's chief executive officer.
Phone scams typically begin months before customers starting filling out their W-2 forms or making appointments at the accountant's office.
com)-- Filing W-2 forms before deadline is easy and inexpensive with ezW2 software because ezW2 software has been approved by SSA to print all W2 forms and W3 form on blank paper.
One aspect of tax fraud involves personal income tax returns, in which thieves file using highly suspicious W-2 forms and valid taxpayer information to obtain erroneous refund claims.
In January, you'll need to send W-2 forms to employees, reporting their wages, as well as Form 1099 to contractors and other recipients to whom you paid over $600 last year.
Data is picked off tax returns or transcripts, W-2 forms or pay stubs, 1099 forms and bank statements.
With more than 80% of tax returns filed electronically that require no accompanying documents, such as W-2 forms, there is an increased potential for fraud.
W-2 forms from all employers for you and your spouse