vulture capitalist

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Vulture Capitalist

1. An investor who buys companies in or near bankruptcy in order to save them.

2. An investor who buys the rights to a new product or invention in order to profit from its sale. The term is somewhat derogatory as vulture capitalists deprive inventors of the money they would make otherwise. However, vulture capitalists may be in a better position to market these new products than the inventors themselves. See also: Vulture fund, Venture capital.
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vulture capitalist

(1) A person or firm who accumulates cash and commitments for cash in order to take advantage of an anticipated temporary plunge in real estate values.At the proper time,the vulture capitalist will buy virtually every distressed property it can acquire,to resell when the market returns. (2) A derogatory term applied to venture capitalists, some of whom have a reputation of investing in a business in the hopes it will fail, at which point the venture capitalist takes over the assets and liquidates them at a profit.

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And Perry's allegation, with his back against the wall in South Carolina, that firms like the financial services company his opponent Mitt Romney founded were "vulture capitalists" outraged some Republican business leaders, in addition to the Republican pundit class.
The warning that I always give with this, though, is that most angel investors are not angelic, and some venture capitalists are vulture capitalists; these are people who are focused on making money.
Venture capitalists (VCs) - dubbed vulture capitalists in the early naughties boom and bust - are now being touted as a potential white knight.
Over the last couple years, cash-rich "vulture capitalists" have been buying distressed properties at deep discounts and "flipping" them for short-term gains.
vulture capitalists: Before the dot-com crash, venture capitalists were considered angels.
Near the end of his book, in a chapter titled "Hollow Men" Pitts tackles the issue of foreign ownership and how the rampaging Yankee vulture capitalists may sink the Canadian dream.
A better name for them would be vulture capitalists as exemplified by Lloyds and Barclays as they pick the remaining profitable meat off the rotting flesh of HBOS and Lehmans.
'Businesses do face tough questioning from investors, who have to be convinced of a product or company's potential worth but this show is perpetuating the myth of 'vulture capitalists', and the producers are recklessly playing with people's dreams,' said Mr Read.
CARL FITCH LAUGHS AND CALLS THEM VULTURE CAPITALISTS, BUT even he admits there are times when they're an entrepreneur's only friend.
Venture capitalists are often referred to as "vulture capitalists," he says.
However, by allocating more time and effort to the process, selecting the most compatible partners, and not allowing themselves to be taken in by vulture capitalists who ask for too much in exchange for too little, entrepreneurs can get their share of the pie.
Vulture capitalists may be viewed as bottom feeders that provide alternative financing to a dot-com at an extraordinary price.